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Why Is It Important to Have a Good Website?

These days small businesses are so busy ramping up that some of them think it’s enough to just throw up a barebones website. But is it really enough? Will it bring customers to view, return, and, most importantly, buy? Why is it important to have a good website?


The most important reason to have a good website is that it alerts your customers to the products or services your business offers. It’s a good idea to also describe what benefits people will gain by becoming your customer—or, in other words, why they should buy from you and not from your competitors.

Cost Efficiency

Another reason is that it’s cost-effective. Other than the initial cost of having your website set up and the monthly maintenance cost, you don’t have to pay the various fees that are associated with a physical location (e.g., payments for rental, deliveries, parking, utilities, cleaning, etc.).


A third reason for a good website is that it’s so advantageous to have information about your products or services available 24/7—day and night, week-days, weekends, and holidays—instead of relying on customers walking into your brick-and-mortar store or office building during the hours that you’re open. Given people’s busy schedules, they’ll probably give up on your business and jump ship to one of your competitors. Can you afford that?


Having a good website that tells your customers about you and your team as well as your products or services gives you credibility. Research shows that most people who want to buy a product or service first search the Web to check it out. A poorly designed website or incomplete information will spoil that first impression.

Marketing Tool

A good website is a great marketing tool in your go-to-market arsenal because it helps your business grow much faster than relying on traditional advertising or word-of-mouth referrals. Raising your visibility online increases the chance of gaining more customers.


It’s important for all businesses to have not just a website but a good website. The better-designed your website looks and the more strategic your content is, the greater the likelihood that your business will flourish.

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