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Updates: January 3, 2018

You can rely on us to keep you informed about the latest industry trends and best practices. Following are the updates we wanted to bring to your attention today.

Digital Marketing

Content Marketing

Marketing operations—Marketers today – whether in-house, agency, or freelancers – need to have skill-sets that include both marketing and publishing expertise. Your company also needs to consider taking the following steps to optimize marketing operations, especially if you’re performing enterprise marketing:

  • Align your marketing team members in a meta architecture (for example, cloud-based tools, data sheet and reference materials, industry news, online tutorials, technical papers)
  • Enable your writers/editorial team members to focus on their primary job function: writing
  • Focus on engagement rather than reach by providing content that viewers can’t get elsewhere
  • Inform your managing editor about all the information your customers see (including events and ads) (source: Content Marketing Institute)

Landing pages—Do your competitors already have landing pages on their websites? Consider implementing landing pages before your competitors do. You can improve your conversion rate even if the number of visitors to your site doesn’t increase. (source: Social Media Today)

Social Marketing

Facebook—Check to see whether successful Facebook Pages publish more often than you’re doing right now. You can now see within on-platform search results how many posts a day get published on each Facebook Page. (source: Social Media Today)

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