Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing

An effective Social Media Marketing campaign can assist to increase website traffic and grow your Business. There are many social media Platforms out there selecting the right mix of platforms to reach your target audience is a crucial task which we can execute it for you. We have expertise in both paid and organic approach of social media marketing in order to build your brand online.


SEO is equally significant today as competition is increasing as each day fades and more consumers are looking for products and services online. So perfect SEO can increase your visibility, which will lead to an increase in web site traffic which directly works to more conversion of prospect customers.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is a technique executed for lead generation online and consists of building landing pages where users are redirected to either landing page or website pages to offer more information relevant of service they are fronting for. By this method, more traffic is diverted to a particular page and those are converted into leads.

PPC Services

Today there is competition to be on the beginning page of a search engine like Google because stats show that 85% of people looking on Google never see the second page. PPC Campaign like Google ads, Bing ads help you to be on the peak of a page which draws in more customer looking for similar service you are offering. Our squad of experts analyses keyword properly so that your line of work is reflected above your competitions.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a key nowadays it is very important to convey an actual message to your target audience about your offering. Clear understanding leads to more sales and an increase in revenue. Today where everybody is trying to contend with each other online it is rattling important to put across a clear message about your business to your prospective clients. Blogs, videos, Infographics and various other forms are used to communicate your message to the target audience.

ORM (Online Reputation Management)

Everybody is following reviews, rating and comments nowadays, so it is equally important to have a positive reputation of your brand we help you to develop a positive image for your brand online because no company can ignore the negative rating or comments nowadays as it is risky and can affect the performance of Business. We should help you to have total control over your online reviews.

E-mail Marketing

Also known as direct email marketing, email marketing targets consumers through electronic mail (email). An evolved, digital form of traditional direct mail (snail mail) marketing, it’s often related with data mining. WebGrit can help you implement the proper email marketing strategy to induce a substantial impact on accomplishing your sales, service, or informative goals.


We listen to our clients’ needs and believe in providing value from the very scratch. To that end, WebGrit provides new clients with expert insights and advice—for free. Offering best practices, choices, budgets, sample like-minded companies, e-commerce choices and integration, strategy and execution, operations, job development, and approximations about what your competitor is up to.